Zoho Applications for Collaboration, Business, and Productivity

Zoho.com offers a complete range of free online productivity, business, and collaboration applications which are an excellent alternative to expensive software based office suites. These include email, word processor, spreadsheets, slide shows, document management folders, wiki, note taker, online organizer, group chats, web conferencing, database, project collaboration, and a repository to share documents with other users.

All Zoho applications work together seamlessly and are web-based, making them independent of an operating system. So, all you need is access to the Internet and a browser to utilize them. Zoho stores all your work on its own secure servers so it is accessible from just about anywhere.

Students and teachers can create and share documents online easily. Not only will these free tools help organize classrooms in new ways, they provide self-guided learning opportunities that extend beyond the confines of the classroom where students can build communication and collaboration skills.

While all of Zoho's applications are excellent tools that can be used in the classroom, the purpose of this website is to analyze the Zoho Show application. Analyzing all of Zoho's applications is beyond the scope of this project due to time limitations.

What is Zoho?