ePortfolio Master Template: ITEC 57430

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Outside Artifacts

"Artifacts are the authentic products of your activities. They serve as indicators of your skills and abilities, and should be presented in a manner that is both attractive and easy to understand. You may have conducted these activities with a team or alone, inside or outside of school. They do not necessarily have to be class projects, or anything you have done connected to your degree program -- as long as they are activities that demonstrate skills relevant to your professional goals." (Instructional Systems Technology)

You may choose to add additional artifacts that are relevant to your professional goals. Artifacts can come from a variety of sources. Graduate course assignments are obvious sources. However, artifacts can also come from job assignments, professional organization assignments, volunteer projects, and so on. Artifacts can also come from past projects.

Include work-related and/or self-directed samples of work through projects outside of school and career-related community service activities to provide evidence of skills. Projects may be already completed, or currently underway.


If you add outside artifacts, be sure to include the following:


Evaluation Rubric


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