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Have you ever wondered why each specie has value? Would it spark your interest in knowing what factors contribute to the endangerment of specie, or worse, its extinction? Are you interested in finding out what is being done to help endangered species?

In the United States alone there are 1,200 species listed as either endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act. "Endangered species are species of plants or animals (or other life forms such as fungi) that are threatened with extinction. Several factors can cause a species to become endangered. The most common cause is loss of habitat. Much of the world's forests, grasslands, and wetlands are being transformed into agricultural and urban areas, and many species that lived in those habitats are unable to adapt to the new environment. As a result, their numbers can drop greatly in a very short time. In some cases, human hunting or gathering of particular species can drive a species to the brink of extinction." (Davis)

By completing this lesson students will learn how to use an inquiry based approach to understand the factors influencing the endangerment and extinction of species worldwide. Students will be sensitized to the plight of endangered species around the world, emphasizing the value of species and environmental ethics, as well as gain appreciation for the complex socio-political nature of endangered species conservation. Students will have improved their computer skills and research abilities through online database exploration. Students will also be provided with the knowledge necessary to make educated decisions about biodiversity concerns, for example, when voting in elections or when making purchases of products that may impact endangered species.

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