Further Reading and Additional Resources

The Potential Role for Infographics in Science Communication - By Laura Mol, November 2011 - Translating ‘difficult’ scientific content for a more general public is in a way a puzzle. As a science communicator you have to try different approaches, models and media, much like you attempt to put the pieces in the right place when making a puzzle. When using any model or approach in science communication one has to consider in what form communication takes place. The most obvious decision is to use text or images, or both. In her thesis, Laura explores the role infographics can have in science communication.

Infographics: The New Communication Tools in Digital Age - By Waralak V. Siricharoen - Infographics were used to support the work of journalism back in 1980s. It may be used to accommodate newsletters, newspapers, magazines, and reports. Now the infographics have been applied for telling the story. Additionally, the changing lifestyle in digital age, data and information need to be quicker and easier processed. People scan for the headlines and graphics (usually in pictures, graphs, charts) that attract their interest. They spend less time to consider whether it is worth further reading. Multimedia infographic can be created in 3D to make it more appreciative than regular illustrative pictures and text, especially for the difficult and complicated contents. For the people who need to communicate quickly; the spoken or printed account is sometimes too difficult for understanding. This paper includes the history, importance, and benefit of infographics in general and introduces the tools for making infographics efficiently. The suggestive guidelines of infographics creation are also addressed.

Back to the Future: Visual Language in the Past, Present, Future - By Linda Misiura, 2009 - This paper will briefly examine the history of visual information, then delve into the definitions and current uses of both information visualization and infographics before theorizing about the future of both fields through conversations with several experts. As cultures merge and languages continue to disappear, there exists the extreme possibility that all communication will be graphically based in the future.

Announcing Metrico, a New PS Vita Pub Fund Exclusive - Check it out! Metrico centers around infographics and is an atmospheric puzzle action game that strives to create a unique mindset of its own. Click here to read the update on this exciting new game!

How Can Infographics Produce Better E-Learning Courses? - By Tom Kuhlmann, Articulate Network, March 2012 - Kuhlmann explores how these visual representations of data and information can be instrumental for instruction in regards to e-Learning and provides tips for compelling infographic design, such as highlighting only the most pertinent information and color/font choice.

Visualizing Information for Advocacy - Written and designed by John Emerson, Principal at Apperceptive LLC - This manual offers an introduction to information design. It is intended to provide NGOs with a useful and powerful tool for advocacy and research and includes tips and tricks for creating infographics.

Infographics for Outreach, Advocacy, and Marketing: From Data to Design - By Idealware - This is a guide to help you think through the process of understanding and creating infographics. In it, they cover what defines an infographic and help you create one that presents your data in a compelling and easy-to-understand way. They've also included a number of examples of infographics, both good and bad, to make the point clear.