Are You Here?Task

You have been chosen by the school as being the top technology students. The school has placed you in groups that are in charge of researching what a digital footprint is and how it can cause adverse affects.

You will use your findings to create posters that raise awareness concerning the affects of digital footprints. These posters will be on display in the main lobby of the school so that all students, staff, faculty, and visitors entering or exiting the school will see them.


While working on this assignment you should keep the following questions in mind.

  1. Why do you think others would Google you?
  2. How can a digital footprint cause adverse affects?
  3. What does your digital footprint say about you?
  4. Does the content you post online pass with your parents, grandparents, future colleges and employers?
  5. What can you do to ensure that your digital footprint is a positive one?

Individually, your tasks will includeReady?  Let's Go!

  1. Analyzing your own digital footprint.
  2. Writing a reflection of what you have learned from this Webquest.

As a group, your tasks will include:

1. Researching how a digital footprint can cause adverse consequences, how to monitor your digital footprint, and how to improve your digital footprint.

2. Discussing with your group, the most important concepts pertaining to digital footprints.

3. Creating a poster that illustrates these concepts to be shared with the entire school.